Author Laurie J. White at home

More than anything else, other than being a follower of that Carpenter from Nazareth, I’m a homeschooling mom of three amazing kids. But somehow, and against my better judgement, they all insisted on growing up, leaving me in stunned amazement at the last one’s graduation. Where did all the music, conversation, and chaos go?! So I turned to teaching high school history and tutoring GED and adult literacy students. Plus writing, of course! And building a website. There should definitely be a degree for moms who figure that out.  

My books, the timeline, and other materials on this site are being used by homeschools and Christian school students as well as a college linguistics class or two. My hope is that these materials and articles will help you and your children to consider history, language, and grammar in new ways with fewer dry facts to memorize and more of the huge story God has told, and is continuing to tell, through us today.


Why it’s called The Shorter Word

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