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I am a teacher, writer, speaker and former homeschooling mom of 3 grown kids. My husband and I live in a log house in the middle of the woods outside of Atlanta, Georgia, surrounded by wild turkey, deer, and bookshelves that sag with way too many history books. When my youngest child left for college, I began teaching world history at a private school and working on King Alfred’s English. I published Baktar first because it was already finished, built a website (there should be a degree for mom’s who figure that out), and began this new phase of post-homeschooling life (where did all the music, conversations, and chaos go?!) My books, the timeline, and other materials on this site are being used by homeschool and Christian school students as well as a college linguistics class or two. My hope is that these materials and articles will help you and your children to consider history, language, and grammar in new ways–with fewer dry facts to memorize and more of the huge story God has told and is continuing to tell through us today.