How to Give Your Child a Growth Mindset

August 23, 2014 in homeschooling, psychology

This video is great, but don’t miss the article that goes with it–The Learning Myth: Why I’m Cautious About Telling My Son He’s Smart. In the article Sal Khan of the Khan Academy discusses a topic I have been following for several years, ever since I read a book called Nurture Shock. Nurture Shock reports on some experiments made using classrooms of kids as gunea pigs to find out what type of praise encouraged children to expand their efforts on a project and what types of praise (if any) […]

Playing Video Games–Some Real Benefits for Kids

July 7, 2013 in homeschooling, psychology, Technology

Update August 23,2014– The video interview to which this post was originally linked has been taken down–so sorry. But the information is summarized below and very much worth reading. Also, some incredibly interesting articles on the subject of gaming and its benefits are now linked below. Original Post– If you worry about your kids playing video games too much, the research in the above interview may be of some real help in knowing when to pull the plug and what types of games to encourage. […]

The Power of Thought

March 24, 2013 in homeschooling, psychology

  If someone told you that merely thinking about playing a scale on the piano could in any way approximate physically practicing it, would you believe it? Watch the video below to see what studies have shown about the power of thought and how far it goes to re-wiring the brain in very similar fashion to the new neuron tracks that are formed when physically doing something. I can imagine all sorts of practical applications to this idea, and it might encourage your kids to use […]

Check out Professor Elliot Engel

March 20, 2013 in English, homeschooling

If you don’t know about Professor Elliot Engel, check him out! He has audios and videos on famous authors and a few historical figures that are quintessentially some of the best homeschooling supplements you will find anywhere! I promise. His talks are usually around 50 min. and he always includes humor and details that you simply won’t hear anywhere else. My kids still refer to tidbits they learned from his audio talks on Shakespeare. Do you know why a box office is called a box […]

Southeast Homeschool Convention

March 2, 2013 in homeschooling

I’ll be speaking at the Southeast Homeschool Convention in Greenville, S.C. in less than two weeks. The convention is being held March 14-16. In case you’re going to attend, my topics and times are listed below.  I would really love to meet anyone who gets my tweets or reads this blog! I was interested to see that Dr. John Rosemond will be among the speakers. He is one of my personal heroes and mentors on child discipline. When my kids were young, I had a VHS […]

Deep Learning

January 31, 2013 in homeschooling

I caught a segment of the PBS News Hour last night (1/30/13) that was really interesting. The title of the segment was “Teachers Embrace ‘Deep Learning’–Translating Lessons into Practical Skills.” And do you know what these teachers were doing? Well it seemed to me that they were basically imitating homeschooling techniques. The emphasis was simply on doing stuff that expanded the lessons.  Hands-on applications, getting the students out of the classroom, and projects–isn’t that homeschooling 101? So, now you know: we homeschoolers have been doing “Deep […]

The True Story Behind the X in X-Mas

December 14, 2012 in Christianity, language

When I was a little girl in the 1950’s, I remember one of the stores in our small Georgia town having a sign outside that said “X-MAS SALE.” My mom hated that sign. She pointed it out every time we went shopping making sure we knew how terrible it was for “someone to take the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.” Of course, my sisters and I agreed. So I was very surprised to find out years later from a history teacher in college what that “X” […]