Deep Learning

A PBS news segment on "Deep Learning"I caught a segment of the PBS News Hour last night (1/30/13) that was really interesting. The title of the segment was “Teachers Embrace ‘Deep Learning’–Translating Lessons into Practical Skills.” And do you know what these teachers were doing? Well it seemed to me that they were basically imitating homeschooling techniques. The emphasis was simply on doing stuff that expanded the lessons.  Hands-on applications, getting the students out of the classroom, and projects–isn’t that homeschooling 101? So, now you know: we homeschoolers have been doing “deep learning” but just didn’t know what to call it. The segment is inspiring and might give you some ideas. At the very least, it is certainly affirming of what  we homeschoolers are all about.

Here’s the segment (just 9 min.) 


  1. Mary Alice Wojciechowski says:

    How surprising that doing something concrete would make otherwise hypothetical lessons stick. *holds up sarcasm sign for Sheldon* I am thrilled that some public school kids are getting the kinds of superior educational opportunities that we have afforded our homeschooled children for so long.

    • Laurie J. White says:

      Yes! Exactly. Especially in the younger grades, I think, it is pretty natural to most homeschooling moms to flesh out many topics of study with real life “labs” or projects. I suppose it’s natural to a tutorial model of teaching. Classroom teaching is so different and it is much more complicated and cumbersome to add on the projects and field trips. But looks like the educators are finding out what we’ve known all along–the child learns better when engaged on as many levels as possible. Duh. 🙂

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