A Grammar Site You Might Like

I found this chart on a really neat grammar site–Grammar.net. The main thing offered is a free download for a grammar checker on your computer that operates in conjunction with whatever word processor program you use, basically just like spell check. Or you can copy/paste your composition into their online screen and it will check the grammar usage for you right there. But if you click around, there are also lots of articles on various grammar topics, each one has some sort of printable graphic too. I loved this one and thought I’d share it. Read the article on modifiers here.

I think for homeschooling, it would be a fun exercise to have your child copy and paste his/her essay into the grammar checker, see what suggestions are made, and then make the appropriate corrections. The child could turn in both the original and corrected copies of the paper to you and the two of you could talk about it. You can read more or download this program here.

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