Read Baktar for Halloween!

One of my books is a kind of crazy story within a story about a black cat called Tar who actually turns out to be more than just a cat. And it’s also about Baktar, ancestor of Tar, who lived among the ancient Incas. Baktar, A Tale From the Andes makes an excellent early chapter book for young children, say 7 or 8 and up, and it’s especially suited to Halloween. You’ve got the black cat first of all, and the mystery about Tar and who or what he really is, then a mystery in the Inca story as well, a suspicious character, attempted murder, and cloud-shrouded Machu Picchu. The reader will find out about the ancient Inca king Pachacuti and the very real story of his conversion from worshiping many gods to just one invisible God of creation. Plus there’s much more in the book about the Inca people in general and their truly amazing civilization.

I first came across the account of Pachacuti’s conversion in an intriguing book by Don Richards, Eternity in Their Hearts. Don is the author of several books on missionaries to Papua New Guinea, including Peace Child, the account of his own family’s amazing adventure there ministering to a cannibal tribe. I recommend all of Don’s books! They would make great supplementary reading for your older kids and excellent additions to any social studies program for homeschools. Nothing like learning how a cannibal looks at life to broaden your horizons, enlarge your heart, and help you understand just how dark the darkness without Christ can be.

You can find Baktar for $8.49 at CBD, and on Kindle for just $1.45.

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