Southeast Homeschool Convention

I’ll be speaking at the Southeast Homeschool Convention in Greenville, S.C. in less than two weeks. The convention is being held March 14-16. In case you’re going to attend, my topics and times are listed below.  I would really love to meet anyone who gets my tweets or reads this blog!

I was interested to see that Dr. John Rosemond will be among the speakers. He is one of my personal heroes and mentors on child discipline. When my kids were young, I had a VHS tape of some talks he did on PBS. I watched that tape over and over. He saved me untold stress and mistakes! He’s just one of many speakers and performers –like Tim Hawkins— who will be entertaining and encouraging and informing homeschooling families over the course of these 3 days. The video clip they have on the page for Tim Hawkins is funny–go watch it and see. The list of speakers and topics is truly wonderful. If you cannot get to one of these conventions (there’s one in Cincinnati 4/4-6 too), you might keep an eye out for mp3 downloads of seminars that may be offered post convention.

I will also be manning a booth for The Shorter Word with copies of my books going cheap! If you’re there, please look me up.

Below are my seminar descriptions from the convention catalog–

Friday 8:30 a.m., room 100AB
TOPIC: The Pack of Tricks

In this session, Laurie White will walk you through her Pack of Tricks, a unique approach to memorizing a simplified framework for western world history. The tricks include memory devices, dates that do double duty, and easily associated key events or people. There are 15 tricks in all. Laurie will expand the significance of each item in history, fleshing out interesting background on some of the people and events, and helping you see how the big pieces fit together in a way you never saw before. By the end of the session attendees will have the 5 most central tricks memorized—even down to giving the dates for events you never thought you’d remember.

Saturday 2:30 p.m., room 100AB
TOPIC: A Little About Language

Ever heard of Frenglish? You’ll find out what that is if you come along with Laurie White, author of the fun and popular text King Alfred’s English, as she introduces you to some principles of language and grammar which have shaped English into what it is today.

  • Where do languages come from in the first place?
  • Shakespeare and Jane Austin could say “ain’t,” so why can’t I?
  • Who makes up those grammar rules anyway?
  • Why is English spelling so incredibly difficult?
  • Why does it increase your child’s English vocabulary to learn Greek and Latin roots?
  • In what way do language changes provide evidence for special creation?

Come learn the answers to these questions and more, and find out how English is becoming the first truly global language in history.

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