1. Anne Dicks says:

    I really enjoyed “Things We Say Wrong”! Great idea to put it on your site, Laurie!

    But hey, did he say “I feel bad” is incorrect? I may have heard him wrongly :), but if he did say that, I don’t agree. “Feel” is a linking verb and should be followed by an adjective, not an adverb.

    What do you think?

  2. Laurie J. White says:

    That’s funny–I didn’t even notice that but you are totally right. We would never say, “I feel goodly”–LOL I guess that shows something else is going on, and you’ve just explained it. Thanks!

    • Susan says:

      You should say “I feel badly” when you are touching something and you do not do it well. In this case feel is a regular verb. I have not thought through how you feel something well. I am filing that under the good and well file.

  3. Laurie J. White says:

    Oh, yeah! It’s hard to even think of a situation for using “feel” that way though, isn’t it? That’s funny. So, when people say, “I’m feeling poorly,” is that incorrect? Should it be “I’m feeling poor”–? Sounds like someone with no money. I think I’m in a grammatical loop here. And Susan, you’re right about the good/well–that’s why we don’t say goodly–lol. I use it incorrectly so much, I don’t hear it anymore. Terrible to admit–don’t tell my mama.

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