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King Alfred’s English:
A History of the Language We Speak
and Why We Should Be Glad We Do

A CBD TOP TEN PICK for Homeschooling
Nominated for CSPA Book of the Year
Used in Christian schools and Homeschools 

Want your student to absorb more English history than you ever thought possible? Or actually think grammar is intriguing? Try this unique combination study of both English and history. The book caps off with the story of the Reformation and the fascinating struggle to get the Bible into English. Recommended for ages 12-adult

“Honestly, I’m not even sure where to begin with this review. I am absolutely blown away with what I read, learned, and the laugh out loud moments I had while reading this.” —Melissa, homeschooling mom and blogger at www.gchomeschool.com

Student Pagea chapter by chapter expansion of topics using free online articles, videos, and images along with suggested activities, many of which are fun as well as educational.
Teacher Materials –These materials include worksheets for each chapter and tests that cover each unit. The author also gives a list of suggested minimum requirements for a unit study. ALL SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS ARE FREE.

“STOP! Don’t scroll through – This isn’t ‘just another review’ so I’m going to put it in the top paragraph. Buy This Book. Read This Book. It NEEDS to be in your library. What is the book?  King Alfred’s English from The Shorter Word.” —Angie, homeschooling mom and blogger at pebblekeeper.wordpress.com

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Books For Younger Readers

Baktar: A Tale from the Andes

A unique story about a girl and a cat and the Inca King Pachacuti. Part true, part myth, all fun. Learn about the ancient Incas and the famous “Inca Way.”

For Grades 3-6

STUDENT PAGE with free Supplemental Materials
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Barn Roofs, Quail Coveys, and General Mischief

Three entertaining short tales from a rambunctious boy who grew-up during the early 1900′s in the small, north Georgia town of Dalton.

For 3rd grade and up.

STUDENT PAGE with free Supplemental Materials
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These have been used by fourth grade history classes through adult Bible studies. Both are great for getting a framework of world history in place.

The Shorter Word Timeline of Western Civilization

A totally unique timeline! Not too dense, easy to follow, apologetics-based, and with a creation science time-scheme. It has one of the clearest layouts available for meshing Bible history with the rest of  western world history. For Grades 4 through adult.
Download is free for a limited time only–





pack of tricks-intro pagePACK OF TRICKS

To enhance the Timeline or to use alone

Pack of Tricks is a free guide to use with your world history or Bible study. The “tricks” include memory devices, dates that do double duty, and easily associated events or people  which act as anchors for a basic overall framework of western world history and especially for the Bible. Download or just have a look–it’s all free!


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