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I put together most of the history pieces to serve as handouts for my world history classes. They are geared toward giving an overview of certain time periods, or to flesh out more fully some particularly interesting event or idea.

Composition and Grammar

Playing the Game Called GrammarWhy must we learn grammar anyway?
Avoiding Comma Kazi  (Missed or Misplaced Commas That Bomb Your Paper)
Verb Tenses: Perfect and Progressive
Verb Tenses Chart
Writing the 5 Paragraph Essay


What’s a Nice Kid Like You Doing At Home on a School Day?


Holiday Histories  
World History–general topics
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Midddle Ages and Renaissance

 Other topics

5 Keys to Interpreting Scripture
Notes & Quotes from Significant Books
Publishing Tools
Rubik’s Cube–You can do it!

Hell Isn’t Forever: A Partial and Incomplete Case

Composition and Grammar



Holiday Histories

World History–General Topics

Ancient Egypt-

Ancient Greece-


History– Middle Ages and Renaissance

For tons of links on medieval and Renaissance period “stuff,” go to the King Alfred’s English Student Page where there is much more. Even without reading the book, the chapter by chapter links are chronological and have fun and interesting videos, articles, images, etc.


Five Keys to Interpreting Scripture

Notes & Quotes from Significant Books

These are not reviews, but rather notes and primarily quotes from books that I knew I would want to re-visit. So this started out for my own use, but then I thought that others might glean a bit from these too. All of these are books I highly recommend.

Notes from Books on the Problem of Evil


Publishing Tools

Just for Fun

A Rubik’s Cube–You can do it!