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I’m a teacher, writer, speaker and mom of 3 grown kids who were homeschooled k-12.  When my youngest graduated from high school, I felt like I’d suddenly entered a sort of post-homeschooling apocalytic desert (when had all the music, conversations, and chaos been sucked out of my atmosphere?!) But it wasn’t long before I was filling the void, and along with teaching world history in a private school and working with adult literacy (one of my favorite jobs ever), I became immersed in  researching and writing King Alfred’s English, which had been on the back burner of my mind for many years. Now I offer  several books, a unique history timeline, and various other materials on this site. My hope is that these books and articles will help you and your children to consider history, language, and grammar in new ways with fewer dry facts to memorize and more of the huge story God has told and is continuing to tell through us today.

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