1. I wrote Avoiding Comma Kazi for a composition class. The students just seemed to keep making the same punctuation mistakes over and over. After I created the paper, I made them memorize the 3 rules. It definitely helped.
  2. Playing the Game Called Grammar–Who makes up these rules anyway? Or do they just “happen”? The answers may surprise you.


  1. What’s a Nice Kid Like You Doing At Home on a School Day? (Or, Why We Homeschool)
  2. Homeschooling Resources I Recommend
  3. Publishing Tools for the enterprising student or adult
  4. Rubik’s Cube–You can do it–I know, I know, this is really random!

 Scripture related

  1. 5 Keys to Interpreting Scripture–It is amazing how often we don’t follow these simple and classic guidelines for interpreting the Bible.
  2. Uniqueness of Moses’ Laws
  3. King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream–Fulfilled Prophecy in Scripture

 Holiday Histories

Movie Related

History–random topics

4 Views of History

Origins of BC and AD

Classic Ages: Stone, Bronze, Iron

Cuneiform and How Writing Developed

Are You Stoic or Epicurean?

Simplified Timeline of English Language –from King Alfred’s English

Champollion and the Rosetta Stone

King Tut’s Tomb, the Curse of the Mummy, and the Power of the Media

Ancient Runes of the Anglo Saxons

Differential Freight Rates, Balance of Trade, and the American Civil War, written by Avery White

The Rebel Yell –and it’s Celtic origins


Notes from Books–notes and quotes from various books that have been significant in my life.