By Laurie J. White–as told to her (more or less) by her father 

Book by Laurie J. White: Barn Roofs, Quail Coveys, and General MischiefFor Age 8+

What was it like to grow up in the early 1900’s before most of today’s  electronic devices had been invented? The automobile was just becoming available, for example. Or consider home freezers. I mean, what happened to the meat if you shot all the neighbor’s chickens? Read these three stories from a mischievous childhood in the small north Georgia town of Dalton. Following the stories, a section of History Tidbits offers entertaining background facts on topics relating to the stories, such as the marvelous invention of the electric refrigerator, the ancient roots of playing with marbles, the new electric cars that competed with the gasoline engine and why gasoline won out. Find out about the mounting levels of horse manure in New York City and why it was everyone’s hope that the gasoline car would clean things up.

Encourage Your Young Writers

In addition, if you’d like to encourage young writers to interview relatives and put down some stories of their own, begin by reading this book! Because the stories are short and manageable, they offer an excellent pattern for young authors to imitate.

 Table of Contents

 Student page–fun links related to the stories for your student (and you) to explore.

The Student-Teacher page gives more fun background information to topics mentioned in the book–an expansion of the History Tidbits in the book but with the advantage of using links where you can actually SEE things! Like you can let Jay Leno show you around his genuine 1909 electric car and go for a ride with him, or learn to play marbles from a YouTube video.

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