Discount Prices


King Alfred’s English and Baktar are available wholesale through Ingram Books at a 50% discount. I prefer that you buy your books through that source. However, if for some reason you are unable to go through Ingram, I will drop-ship orders for 6 or more books at the same discount price, plus shipping.

TO ORDER email Laurie White:


CLASSROOMS OR HOMESCHOOL CO-OPS who want to purchase King Alfred’s English:

For 8 or more books I’ll send you a code to buy the books at a discount–$10.95 each (plus shipping).
Email me to get the discount code then go to this link to purchase: Create Space Shop/KAE


I would prefer one person use the discount code and purchase the books for the class, but if you really need to go ahead and give the code to the students themselves, just specify that the code is for a one time only purchase.

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