Activities for each Chapter

Activities are listed chapter by chapter on the Student Page and include images, articles, videos, primary source material, and literature related to each section of the book. Also, you might want to look at the suggested minimum requirements.


Worksheets and Tests:

Worksheets for each chapter —The worksheets vary a good deal in length depending on the amount of material covered in the chapter. Some will only take 5 minutes while others may take 20.

Test 1:   Covers Parts I and 2,   Chapters 1-5 ….Pre-English Britain; Old English

Test 2:   Covers Parts 3 and 4,  Chapters 6-10 ….Middle English; A Time of Transition

Test 3:   Covers Parts 5 and 6,  Chapters 11-15 ….The Making of the English Bible; Shakespeare and Modern English


 Answers to the Worksheets

Answers to the Tests

My thanks to Kayla Rokosz who assisted me in ironing out glitches in the worksheets and tests!


Questions on the tests come solely from the worksheets so students can do well on the tests by studying just the worksheets. Of course, whether to reveal that is up to you. They won’t hear it from me.  :)
Each test covers 2 parts or units, but each is marked at the spot where the second unit’s questions begin in case you prefer to administer the test in two sections.

Suggested Minimum RequirementsUsing worksheets, tests,  and some activities from the Student Page, there is more than enough for a full semester, or half unit, of history or English (or a 1/4 unit of each). Use these suggested requirements if you’d like.

A note about the Movies —

Please do not assume that movies I have listed are fine for your students without checking them out for yourself. Students reading King Alfred’s English cover a wide age range and what is ok for a 12th grader may be over the top to someone in 7th grade. I have tried to include warnings for any movie that might have questionable content, but my sensitivities may be different from your own, so please be aware of that.

Please feel free to email me. with comments or problems you might encounter.  
I hope you and your students enjoy this study!


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