Clarify and simplify your study of world history and the Bible!


The Shorter Word Timeline of Western Civilization

This timeline is unique in its streamlined approach to history! It sticks to the most basic events and developments so your students don’t get lost in a deluge of facts. With its simplified design, the timeline offers a framework of world history that your child can actually picture and learn over time. Besides other Bible history that is used as anchors, the timeline builds the history of the kingdoms leading up to Christ around the prophecies in Daniel to show how Daniel predicted the 3 kingdoms that would follow Babylon (via King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream). These prophecies are rich evidence that the Bible is God’s word. Other apologetic-type items are emphasized–but only a few! KISS is definitely the operative word here (keep it simple, stupid). Download for free and give it a try!

This Timeline is a great resource for Sunday school and Bible studies as well as for teaching world history.

View the Timeline and/or download

To download to your own computer, click the link to view the timeline and after it has opened, right click  and select “save as.”

The timeline is 8 pages. The best way to hold the pages is to put them front-to-back into 4 clear plastic page covers in a 3-pronged or 3-ring report folder. Print front to back on card stock (card stock keeps the images from showing through from the other side), or keep it on separate pages and put them in the page holders front to back. Either way works fine, but I like the look and feel of the card stock and it’s what I used for my high school history classes. 


ALSO FOR FREE, have a look at the PACK OF TRICKS

The Pack of Tricks is great for getting a bare-bones framework of history set-up in your students’ minds with dates that will actually stick and make sense too! These tricks go along with the Timeline but can also be used as a stand alone item.